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PURE Youth, a leadership program, specifically aims to facilitate discussion and awareness of the impact that education has on society through numerous projects and fundraising. PURE Youth also supports projects from all program areas and causes PURE champions which gives the ambassadors an opportunity to understand the depth and breadth of the issue, solution and impact on the lives they are helping change.

Valencia youth team was started in the year 2018 with just 4 ambassadors. A high schooler who was impressed by the work that was being done by the other youth teams across USA reached out and wanted to start a chapter to volunteer and help raise funds. So far, the team has been able to raise funds for a school in Kerala, PURE Abhyasa program and school supplies for the 2020-21 school year. The team is slowly increasing in size, hoping to raise more funds and create awareness to help more children across USA and also in other countries.

Led By Children, For Children


I wanted to be a part of PURE so I could help less fortunate children. Every child should receive a proper education and should have the basic necessities in their life, and I’m proud to be part of an organization that helps make this happen. Something I’ve learned from PURE is to be happy with what you have and to make the most out of it. This program has also taught me great leadership skills which I will carry with me in the future.” ~ Jhanvi Dyavarshetty

I started Pure because I wanted to help support young kids in need, those who want to go to school and learn. If I’ve learned one thing from PURE, it’s that you should always be happy with what you have, and always reach out to others and support kids in need. There are many kids out there who want to go to school or just want some basic necessities, and if we help them it’s a good cause. ~ Divya Somysetty

PURE taught me that teamwork can make a significant impact in the community and help many people around the world. By joining PURE, I knew I would make a difference in many poor people’s lives by providing them with proper education and hygiene. ~ Pranav Chakilam

I learned how much difference one person can make in many people’s lives from PURE. I joined PURE because I knew it was for a good cause and I wanted to help poor people. ~ Neha Chakilam

I joined PURE because I liked the idea of it liked it and wanted to be more involved. What I’ve learned from PURE is how situations around the world are getting worse so I wanted to help make a change in the world. ~ Swetha Jinka

I joined PURE because it really interested me and it made me determined to do whatever I could to help kids in need for an education. I learned that from all fundraisers and sign-ups, impoverished kids could finally have certain privileges. ~ Saran Abburu

I joined PURE because I wanted to help people who are in need of money,food,clothing and etc. and I’ve learned that we should give our best efforts to help everyone who is in need and is struggling with life. ~ Tanay Allaparti